Homeownership Program  

The Housing Authority has reached maximum capacity for the Homeownership Program and is not accepting any applications at this time. For information regarding down payment assistance for the first time homebuyers and the mortgage credit certificate Program, please visit www.rchomelink.com

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Homeownership Program information page

An eligible Housing Choice Voucher Program  (Section 8) family, except for families with a disabled member (see below), must be considered a first-time home buyer. A first-time home buyer means that no member of the household has had an ownership interest in any residence during the three years preceding the receipt of homeownership assistance. The purchaser must sign a sworn application attesting that they have not owned a home. In addition, the last three years tax returns will be reviewed to ascertain that no mortgage interest or real estate tax deductions have been claimed. An exception includes a person who qualifies as a displaced homemaker or a single parent who, while previously married, owned a home with his or her spouse. 

A family that includes a family member who is a person with disabilities, also qualifies under this requirement if use of the homeownership option is needed as a reasonable accommodation.   
We are looking for tenants who are dedicated to becoming home owners. The Homeownership Program includes: 
  • ¬     Analysis of family income, credit reports and income/job history and a follow-up plan

  • ¬     Assistance with cleaning up of credit problems

  • ¬     Working closely with Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) to obtain the goal of "HOMEOWNERSHIP" while earning an escrow account

  • ¬     Down Payment Assistance currently available.

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