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Report Fraud or Abuse

Toll Free Fraud Hotline 1-800-300-0439 24 Hours to leave a message.

Suspected Fraud or Abuse 

The Housing Authority of the County of Riverside's  (HACR) administers Program Integrity Monitoring (PIM).  The purpose of PIM is to assure that public funds are paid only on behalf of qualified and eligible participants.  Program Integrity Monitoring (PIM) staff investigate any suspected program abuse or misconduct.

In addition to conducting investigations into suspected program abuse, conferences are conducted with participants suspected of violating program requirements.  Conferences reinforce the participant's obligation to comply with program regulations.

PIM staff also conduct independent inspection and random audits of housing assistance files.   Confirmation and verification of participant information and housing quality are obtained by visual inspection and file examination.

Owner Participation Checked by PIM 

The owners and landlords that participate in the Section 8 Programs are also subject to review to verify that they are following the terms of the Housing Assistance Payments Contract.  The contract requires that assisted tenants not be charged more than non-assisted tenants. The rent that is charged must also be certified as reasonable when other similarly located and equipped units are considered. The contract also requires that the unit be maintained properly and that the owner's check endorsement indicates that the correct family still lives there.  These are items are reviewed by PIM staff.

If you wish to report a participating tenant or owner that you believe is not correctly reporting their circumstances or that you believe is committing fraud with regard to the Housing Assistance Programs please call 1 (800) 300-0439 or E-Mail: [email protected]

If you wish, you may report suspected fraudulent activity by leaving a confidential message (up to 2 minutes) on our toll free hotline.  Please be sure to give the full name and address of the person or persons you are reporting.  If you wish to leave your name and number for a Housing Authority representative to reach you for questions and further details, your name and number will be kept confidential.

Toll Free Fraud Hotline  1-800-300-0439         24 Hours