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Dream Come True

We never thought that we could afford our own home. Now our dreams have come true.

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Report Housing Fraud

Foreclosure Prevention

Family Obligations Once Leased

Supply information about citizenship, income and family composition that the Housing Authority determines to be necessary.

Disclose social security numbers.

Verify that the family is living in the rental unit or disclose absence from the unit.

Notify the Housing Authority and the owner in writing before moving out of the unit or terminating the lease.

Use the unit as the family's only residence and allow only the designated family members to live in the unit.

Promptly notify the Housing Authority of the birth, adoption or court awarded custody of a child.

Request Housing Authority written approval to add any other family member as an occupant of the unit.

Promptly notify the Housing Authority in writing if any family member no longer lives in the unit.

Provide the Housing Authority a copy of any owner eviction notice.

Pay utility bills and supply appliances that the owner is not required to supply under the lease.

Any information that the family supplies must be true and complete.

The family may not own or have any interest in the unit.

Grounds for termination of housing assistance include:

  • Committing fraud or bribery in connection with the program. Participation in illegal drug or violent criminal activity.
  • Subleasing the unit or transferring the unit.
  • Receiving assistance from another Federal, State or local housing assistance for the same unit.
  • Damaging the unit beyond normal wear and tear or permitting a guest to damage the unit.
  • Failure to meet the family obligations listed above.

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