Assignments for Housing Specialists

Assignments for Housing Specialists

The Housing Authority assigns participant files, in general, by the area in which the Section 8 unit is located and by the alphabet letter for the participants last name.  Example:  A participant with the last name of Smith that lives in the city of Corona would be assigned to T. Edwards. The assignments for the Project Based Voucher Program (PVB) are based on property location. Scroll towards bottom for specific assignments for the PBV Program..

There are a few exceptions to this practice for participants that are in special programs like Family Self Sufficiency or who are in the process of relocating or who are living in a large apartment complex.  Below is the assignment grid that will enable you to find the Housing Specialist that is assigned to a particular file.  This listing is for the Riverside office and the Indio Office. 

Anza   D. Guyton  951-343-5436
Banning   P. Ortiz 760-863-2836
Beaumont    A. Avila 760-863-2837
Bermuda Dunes   A. Avila 760-863-2837
Blythe   E. Zuniga Ramirez 760-863-2948
Cabazon   A. Avila 760-863-2837
Calimesa   E. Zuniga Ramirez 760-863-2948
Canyon Lake   A. Delgado 951-343-5463
Cathedral City   E. Zuniga Ramirez 760-863-2948
Cherry Valley   E. Zuniga Ramirez 760-863-2948
Coachella   A. Avila 760-863-2837
Colton 92324   A. Delgado 951-343-5463
Corona  A-HAL A. Delgado 951-343-5463
Corona  HAN-PEL J. Barrett 951-343-5438
Corona  PER-Z T. Spicer 951-343-5459
Eastvale Mendoza J. Barrett 951-343-5438
Desert Center   A. Avila 760-863-2837
Desert Hot Springs A - Lo L. Verdel Aguilera 760-863-2831
Desert Hot Springs Lu - Z A. Avila 760-863-2837
Hemet A - BE A. Delgado 951-343-5463
Hemet BI-CI J. Barrett 951-343-5438
Hemet CL-ED T. Spicer 951-343-5459
Hemet EF-GL A. Langston 951-343-5471
Hemet GO-HI B. Lacy 951-343-5426
Hemet HIG- - JON L. Johnson 951-343-5491
Hemet JOS-MAN N. Verhelst 351-343-5430
Hemet MAR-MOL S. Martin 951-343-5407
Hemet MON-PAR G. Longworth 951-343-5413
Hemet PAT-ROJ S. Martin  951-343-5407
Hemet ROM-STA D. Guyton  951-343-5436
Hemet STE-VA K. Husen 951-343-5422
Hemet VE-Z E. Montolfo 951-343-5445
Homeland   T. Spicer 951-343-5459
Idyllwild   T. Spicer 951-343-5459
Indian Wells   E. Zuniga Ramirez 760-863-2948
Indio   P. Ortiz 760-863-2836
Jurupa Valley  A-ER T. Spicer 951-343-5459
Jurupa Valley  ES-Z A. Langston 951-3435471
Lake Elsinore A-CL A. Langston 951-343-5471
Lake Elsinore CO-Z B. Lacy 951-343-5426
La Quinta   E. Zuniga Ramirez 760-863-2948
March Air Reserve Base A-Z G. Longworth 951-343-5413
Mecca   A. Avila 760-863-2837
Menifee   L. Johnson 951-343-5491
Mira Loma  A-S L. Johnson 951-343-5491
Mira Loma T-Z N. Verhelst 351-343-5430
Moreno Valley                                                  A - BO K. Husen  951-343-5422
Moreno Valley                                                  BR-CI J. Barrett 951-343-5426 
Moreno Valley                                                  CL-FLI G. Longworth 951-343-5413
Moreno Valley                                                  FLO-GRI E. Montolfo 951-3435445
Moreno Valley                                                  GRY-HUN T. Spicer 951-343-5459
Moreno Valley                                                  HUR-KEN D. Guyton  951-343-5436
Moreno Valley                                                  KEO-MAG A. Langston 951-343-5471
Moreno Valley                                                  MAN-MON B. Lacy 951-343-5426
Moreno Valley                                                  MOO-PEN L. Johnson 951-343-5491
Moreno Valley                                                  PEO-ROM N. Verhelst 351-343-5430
Moreno Valley                                                  ROQ-SO M. Lomeli 951-343-5414
Moreno Valley                                                  SP-T A. Delgado 951-343-5463
Moreno Valley                                                  U-WEI S. Martin 951-343-5407
Moreno Valley                                                  WEL-Z S. Martin 951-343-5407
Murrieta A - K N. Verhelst 351-343-5430
Murrieta L - Z G. Longworth 951-343-5413
Norco   G. Longworth 951-343-5413
North Shore   A. Avila 760-863-2837
Nuevo   G. Longworth 951-343-5413
Palm Desert   A. Avila 760-863-2837
Palm Springs   L. Verdel Aguilera 760-863-2831
Perris A-BRE G. Longworth  951-343-5413
Perris BRI-CAM K. Husen 951-343-5422
Perris CAN-DAN J. Barrett 951-343-5424
Perris DAV-FO T. Spicer 951-343-5459
Perris FR-HE D. Guyton  951-343-5436
Perris HI-J A. Langston 951-343-5471
Perris K-MA B. Lacy 951-343-5426
Perris MC-NEA L. Johnson 951-343-5491
Perris NEE-RAH N. Verhelst 351-343-5430
Perris RAM-SAL M. Lomeli 951-343-5414
Perris SAM-ST A. Delgado 951-343-5463
Perris SU-TUR E. Montolfo 951-343-5445
Perris V-WEA S. Martin 951-343-5407
Perris WEB-Z S. Martin 951-343-5407
Quail Valley   D. Guyton  951-343-5436
Rancho Mirage   A. Avila 760-863-2837
Riverside  A - BO K. Husen  951-343-5422
Riverside  BON-CAV M. Lomeli 951-343-5414
Riverside  CEP-DEC J. Barrett 951-343-5438
Riverside  DEE-GAQ A. Langston 951-343-5471
Riverside  GAR-HAY N. Verhelst 351-343-5430
Riverside  HEA-I G. Longworth 951-343-5413
Riverside  J-MA D. Guyton  951-343-5436
Riverside  MAG-MC S. Martin 951-343-5407
Riverside  MED-MUR S. Martin 951-343-5407
Riverside  MY-PER B. Lacy 951-343-5426
Riverside  PET-RO T. Spicer 951-343-5459
Riverside  ROS-SN L. Johnson 951-343-5491
Riverside  SO-ST G. Longworth 951-343-5413
Riverside  STE-VE A. Delgado 951-3435463
Riverside  VI-Z E. Montolfo 951-343-5445
Romoland   D. Guyton  951-3435436
San Jacinto A - C D. Guyton  951-343-5436
San Jacinto D-R K. Husen 951-343-5422
San Jacinto S-Z M. Lomeli 951-343-5414
Sky Valley   A. Avila 760-863-2837
Sun City   M. Lomeli 951-343-5414
Temecula A-F M. Lomeli 951-343-5414
Temecula G-Z E. Montolfo 951-343-5445
Thousand Palms   P. Ortiz 760-863-2836
Thermal   A. Avila 760-863-2837
White Water   L. Verdel Aguilera 760-863-2831
Wildomar A-P E. Montolfo 951-343-5445
Wildomar Q-Z S. Martin 951-343-5407
Winchester   E. Montolfo 951-343-5445
Employee Relatives East County C. Martinez 760-863-2647
Employee Relatives  West County L. Alaniz 951-343-5410
Enhanced Vouchers   L. Alaniz 951-343-5410
FSS East County All East County A. Harris 951-343-5442
FSS West County A-CA C. Olds 951-343-5475
FSS West County CB-CZ T. Edwards 951-343-5479
FSS West County D-E E. Kreitz 951-343-5442
FSS West County F-G C. Olds 951-343-5475
FSS West County H-MC E. Kreitz 951-343-5442
FSS West County ME-SM T. Edwards 951-343-5479
FSS West County SN- VA C. Olds 951-343-5475
FSS West County VB-Z Y. Calbay 951-343-5419
FSS West County   D. Maclean  
FSS West County   Vacant  
Incoming Portability (Intake)   C. Guerra & J. Barrett  
Intake Unit HCVP   D. Atwood  951-343-5490; 951-343-5438 
L. Arias 951-343-5411
M. Turner 951-343-5418
Intake Unit PBV   A. Villa  (PBV only)  951-343-5634
B. McIntyre (PBV only) 951-343-5441
MOD    Y. Calbay 951-343-5633
Mortgage Voucher Program   L. Alaniz 951-343-5419
Port Out Billings (PO)   C. Guerra (PO) 951-343-5425
RTA Unit - East County   G. Baker 951-343-5490
RTA Unit - West County   K. Cullen 760-863-2832
Zero Income households:  All Assigned to worker for City by Alpha 951-343-5478
  DPSS CalWorks Office    
CalWORKs Housing Support Program (HSP): Assist with securing new units (housing navigation), coordinating upcoming landlord fairs, on-going subsidy payments for Calworks, etc. N/A J. Sanchez 951-343-5447
CalWORKs Housing Support Program (HSP) Indio, Hemet L. Rodriguez 760-863-2652
CalWORKs Housing Support Program (HSP) Moreno Valley, Perris M. Reyes 951-343-5477
CalWORKs Housing Support Program (HSP) Lake Elsinore, Norco F. Hargrove 951-343-5468
CalWORKs Housing Support Program (HSP) Jurupa and La Sierra E. Gehrig 951-343-5630
CalWORKs Housing Support Program (HSP) Coachella Valley/Banning/ Cathedral Palms, Blythe, Desert Hot Springs L. Lucio 760-863-2840
CDBG Security Deposit Assistance and CDGB Emergency Assistance   L. Herrera 951-343-5435
ESG (Riverside)   L. Herrera 951-343-5435
FUP/VFAM, Court (VCRT), Foster Care Youth Intake L. Arias/D Atwood/M Turner PH's see above under Intake HCV
Rx's/Interims - West County J. Barrett 951-343-5426
Rx's/Interims - East County  C. Martinez 760-863-2647 
HOPWA (includes HOP & HOPWA Homes PBRA)   K. Warren 951-343-5605
SDA   L. Herrera 951-343-5435
Section 811 Mainstream Voucher Program    S. Aguiar 951-343-5603
Shelter Plus Care (All 5 Projects (Consolidated All County, HA Consolidated, EHOP, Project Based Operation Safehouse, & Street to Home)   G. Marasco 951-343-5416
VASH/Veteran Liaison - Briefings/Intake   D. Morris 951-343-5467
VASH/Veteran Liaison - Tenant Based   S. Estrada 951-343-5458
VASH/Veteran Liaison - Project Based   S. Aguiar 951-343-5603
Project Roomkey   G. Marasco 951-343-5416
VASH PBV All March Veterans Village & Liberty Village residents    B. St. Clair 951-343-5467
Casas San Miguel/El Solano   Cathy Martinez 760-863-2647
Madera Vista / Vista Del Rio/Perris Park/Cedar Glen/Hemet Vista/Desert Rose   B. St Clair 951-343-5633
Region 1 (Riverside and Jurupa Valley)   C. Packer 951-343-5476
Region 2 (Perris, Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley)   C. Packer 951-343-5476
Region 3 (Banning and Beaumont)   P. Ortiz 760-863-2836
Region 3 (San Jacinto)   C. Packer 951-343-5476
Region 4 (Cathedral City and Desert Hot Springs)   C. Packer 951-343-5476
Region 5 (Indio, Mecca, Thermal)   C. Packer 951-343-5476
Palm Springs Bond Units (Calle De Carlos and Racquet Club)   Riverside Housing Dev. Corp. (RHDC)  
Desert Rose Apartments (Ripley)   M. Gutierrez 760-399-1685



BRIDGETT MCWILLIAMS, Public Housing Property Manager
Phone: (951) 924-1624   FAX: (951) 924-7387
Email Address:
Communties:  Dracaea, Gloria St., Sherman, Beaumont, Banning
Office Address: 25110 Gloria Street; Moreno Valley, CA 92553 Alt: 124 Midway Street; Perris, CA 92570
LAURA REISNER, Public Housing Property Manager
Phone: (951) 352-9720   FAX (951) 509-4636
Email Address:
Communities: El Dorado (Jackson), 34th St., Fort, Highland
Office Address: 4675 Jackson Street #70; Riverside, CA 92503
CINDY MADRIGAL, Public Housing Property Manager
Phone: (951) 443-1242   FAX (951) 943-3211
Email Address:
Communities: Lake Elsinore (Broadway and Fairview) and Perris (Midway), San Jacinto
Office Address: 124 Midway Street. #A; Perris, CA 92570
KERRY CLOSSON, Public Housing Property Manager
Phone: (760) 251-7308  FAX (760) 251-4309
Email Address:
Communities: Cathedral City (Corregidor Dr.); Desert Hot Springs (Don English Way); Indio (Aladdin)and BOND (non-assisted units in Palm Springs: Racquet Club Dr. and Calle De Carlos)
Office Address: 13588 Don English Way #G, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
MARIA GUTIERREZ, Public Housing Property Manager
Phone: (760) 396-0134   FAX (760) 396-4230
Email Address:
Communities: Mecca (Seventh Street) and Thermal (Church, Polk Street)
Office Address: 91-400 Seventh St, Bldg I, Mecca, CA 92254