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Portability (Transferring Assistance)

For information on how portability works, please review Appendix B of HUD Notice PIH 2016-09 HA

Notes for Other Housing Authority Jurisdictions:
 The Housing Authority of the County of Riverside is  billing for incoming ports.

When mailing a portability packet, please include verification that your agency has submitted an action code "5" Portability Move Out (provided that they are not a new Admission). This is requested in an effort to reduce/eliminate PIC errors. 

HUD regulation 24 CFR 982.355(c) (4) requires the initial PHA to provide the receiving PHA with the most recent form HUD-50058 and related verification information. Related verification information includes the family's Income Report from the Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System.

Notes for participants:
If you are currently a Voucher participant in another Housing Authority's jurisdiction, you may transfer to Riverside County. You may advise your current Housing Authority that we are current billing incoming portability transfers. Please click on the following link to access our payment standards: Voucher Payment Standards. 80% of the Admin. Fee for the Housing Authority of the County of Riverside is $80.44 effective April 1, 2024.

Please have your Housing Authority submit the required information to our dedicated portability email address   [email protected] both message and attachment must be encrypted or via mail to the following address:

Housing Authority of the County of Riverside
5555 Arlington Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504
Attention: Portability/Intake Department

If you are requesting portability (transferring of assistance from one agency to another), your initial Housing Authority must send your information to this agency. Once your file is received, a letter will be sent to you along with an Eligibility Questionnaire to complete and return along with the required information needed to process your file. If you have moved from your previously assisted unit, please contact the Housing Authority with a current address so that the process will not be delayed. For general questions regarding portability, please contact our Portability Department at  (951) 343-5438.

Please do not lease a rental unit before you look at the payment standards in Riverside County (see below).  Do not move in before the unit passes a Housing Quality Standard (HQS) inspection.  Many other areas have much higher rents and the unit that you select may have a rent amount that can't be approved here.

  • Please visit How to Apply on this site for information about our subsidy standards (how this agency determines how many bedrooms your family will be authorized).  
  • Please see our Voucher Payment Standards to get an idea of the approximate rent range for your authorized bedroom size. The tenant's share of rent and utility allowance cannot exceed forty percent of adjusted monthly income. 
  • Visit the Rent Affordability page to calculate estimated portions and the maximum Housing Assistance Payment.