Changes that Influence Housing Programs

Changes that Influence Housing Programs

The Utility Allowance Schedule is updated annually. Click on the link below to view the current Utility Allowance Schedule.
Click here for the new schedules.

For Energy Efficient Utility Allowances: Click here

The Section 8 Waiting List re-opened on July 1, 2015.

The new Income limits have been issued. They are shown here.

New Voucher Payment Standards have been approved.
Click here to view the new standards.

On June 13, 2005 the California Supreme Court published a decision about notice when a landlord is terminating a Section 8 lease when the termination is not for cause (other than non-payment of rent or a lease violation). If the termination of the lease is not due to something that tenant did wrong the notice should be 90 days. Terminations for cause remain unchanged. The decision is available here.

The following letter about fraud prevention was mailed out with the November 1, 2004 checks to the participating owners for the Housing Choice Voucher Program Letter

The Consolidated Plan for Riverside County is now available here

Policy about rental listings  
In order for a lease and tenancy to be approved under the voucher program, the tenant share of rent and utilities must be affordable for the family (no more than 40 percent of the family's adjusted monthly income) as well as reasonable in comparison to the rental market. Many rents far exceed the payment standard and are therefore not viable for the voucher program. Landlords are prohibited by the voucher regulations from requesting or accepting any payments in excess of the Housing Authority approved rental payments. Voucher payment standards are here.

Landlords and Vendors:
If the Housing Authority receives notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that the tax ID (or Social Security Number) that you have given does not match their records ("B Notice"), the Housing Authority is required to withhold 30 percent of your payment to send to the IRS. Please make sure that the number you have given is correct and matches the name that Social Security or the IRS has for you. If you have changed your name without notifying Social Security and getting a new Social Security card, a mismatch will occur. If you have a question, please contact Jaime Luevano at (951) 343.5452.

The Housing Authority is implementing a two tier utility allowance for use with units that have an energy efficient rating. Find out how your unit can get rated here.

The law in California, effective January 1, 2003, requires that landlords give long-term renters (one year or more) a 60-day notice instead of a 30-day notice to vacate the unit. For more information on the new law you can visit the California Apartment Association website at  However, the California Supreme Court has issued its long-awaited opinion in Wasatch v. Degrate: Civil Code Section 1954.535 (see below), known as the “90-day notice” rule, applies in rent control and non-rent control jurisdictions alike, and landlords must give at least a 90-day notice when terminating the tenancy of a Section 8 voucher tenant.

We have a new Resource Directory for those that are looking for assistance in things other than housing.

Contractors or vendors-If are interested in bidding on construction or rehabilitation jobs or on services required by the Housing Authority please visit our new page.

Landlords! The Housing Authority of the County of Riverside is utilizing for available unit listings.  It is recommended that you register and list your units on the GOsection8 website. Click Here for more details on how to register and list your units on GOsection8. Please remember that increases in rent to a Voucher holder will have to be paid by the voucher holder, not the Housing Authority.

The Supreme Court published an opinion on March 26, 2002 in support of Public Housing Authorities that have a "zero tolerance" for drug-related criminal activity and for violent criminal activity. The published opinion is available here. The file is a PDF document.

Civil Code 1954.535.  Where an owner terminates or fails to renew a contract or recorded agreement with a governmental agency that provides for rent limitations to a qualified tenant, the tenant or tenants who were
the beneficiaries of the contract or recorded agreement shall be given at least 90 days' written notice of the effective date of the termination and shall not be obligated to pay more than the tenant's portion of the rent, as calculated under the contract or recorded agreement to be terminated, for 90 days following receipt of the notice of termination of nonrenewal of the contract.

State Law effective January 1, 2001:
Beginning January 1, 2001, rental property owners must abide by a new state law that requires they give tenants a 60-day notice when they increase the rent more than 10 percent.Here’s how the new law works:

  • For an increase in rent that is greater than 10 percent, you must provide the tenants with at least 60-days’ advance notice.
  • For an increase in rent that is 10 percent or less (in any 12 month period), you must provide the tenants with at least 30-days advance notice.
  • If you give more than one rent increase per year and those increases total more than 10 percent, you must give the tenants a 60-day advance notice.(For example, if the first rent increase is 5 percent, you can give a 30-day notice; if the second rent increase is 6 percent or more, you must give a 60-day advance notice).

Remember, for Section 8 participants, the increased rent must be determined to be reasonable by the Housing Authority.

  • Notifying the Housing Authority of Rent Increases: The Housing Choice Voucher Contract (Part C, 15d) and the Housing Choice Voucher Program Tenancy Addendum (Section 15d) read, “The owner must notify the PHA of any changes in the amount of rent to owner at least SIXTY days before any such changes go into effect, and the amount of the rent to owner following any such agreed change may not exceed the reasonable rent for the unit as most recently determined or re-determined by the PHA in accordance with HUD requirements.”


For more information on this new state law, you can visit the websites listed below, or contact the California Apartment Association (800) 967-4222.

California Apartment Association

California Law website:

(The text of the law for the rent increases is California Civil Code Section 827.The law for the proper procedures for serving notices is the California Code of Civil Procedure, Section 1013).

Landlords! The Housing Authority will no longer provide a model lease for the landlord and resident to sign. Landlords will have to provide their own lease when a new lease is signed. The new tenancy addendum required by HUD will need to be apart of the lease. The tenancy addendum will also be a part of the contract signed by the landlord and the Housing Authority representative. Both new forms are available through the link below labeled "Contracts".